Crescent City Soccer

Tuesday Coed


Teams & Standings

Gang Green



Team Colors

  • Magnolia FC – White
  • Grey Iguanas – Grey
  • YBNG  – Black/White
  • Sneaky Cheetahs – Orange
  • Treme FC – Teal
  • Lay Staff – Yellow
  • Net Six + Chill  – Black
  • Squad Goals – Black
  • Gang Green – Green
  • Quarantine Queens – Red
  • Blue Balls – Blue


  • Wheatley School – 2300 Dumaine – Treme   
  • Green School – 2319 Valence – Uptown

Fall/Winter 2020

 Fall/Winter 2020 League – All games scheduled at Wheatley (2300 Dumaine)


October 27th
9:00 Green –  Squad Goals 4 vs Grey Iguanas 9
6:00 Wheatley Net Six and Chill 1 vs Quarantine Queens 4
7:00 Wheatley Gang Green  6 vs Sneaky Cheetahs 4
8:00 Wheatley Magnolia FC 1  vs YBNG 8
9:00 Wheatley TREME FC  vs Lay Staff (Rescheduled)
Bye Week: Blue Balls



November 3rd
6:00pm  Wheatley  Net Six and Chill 2 v Gang Green 6
7:00pm   Wheatley  Sneaky Cheetahs 1 v Magnolia FC 3
8:00pm   Wheatley QUARANTINE QUEENS 3 vs  Laystaff 4
9:00pm    Wheatley Squad Goals 2 v YBNG 1
10:00pm  Wheatley  Open
Bye Week:  Treme FC 

November 5th at Green
7:00pm Green Grey Iguanas 12 v Blue Balls 0


November 10th

8:00pm Green Treme FC 4 vs Gang Green 2
6:30pm  Wheatley    Grey Iguanas 5 vs Laystaff 2
7:30pm  Wheatley   Net Six and Chill 0 v Squad Goals 7
8:30pm  Wheatley   Blue Balls 4 v Sneaky Cheetahs 5
9:30pm  Wheatley   Magnolia FC 2 v QUARANTINE QUEENS 7 
Bye Week: YBNG

November 17th
6:00pm  Wheatley  YBNG 4 v  Grey Iguanas 8
7:00pm  Wheatley   Laystaff 4 v Sneaky Cheetahs 4
8:00pm  Wheatley  Magnolia FC 2 v Gang Green 10
9:00pm  Wheatley  Blue Balls 3 v QUARANTINE QUEENS 6
10:00pm  Wheatley  Treme FC 8 v Net Six and Chill 1
Bye Week: Squad Goals 

November 24th
6:00pm Green Net Six and Chill 2 v Laystaff 7
6:00pm Wheatley   YBNG 8 v Sneaky Cheetahs 0
7:00pm  Wheatley  Treme FC 11 v Magnolia FC 0
8:00pm  Wheatley  Blue Balls 1 v Squad Goals 8
9:00pm  Wheatley  QUARANTINE QUEENS 2 v Grey Iguanas 8 
10:00pm   Open
Bye Week:  Gang Green


December 1st

8:00pm Green Treme FC 1 v Squad Goals 0
6:00pm Wheatley   Magnolia FC  v Laystaff
7:00pm Wheatley   Blue Balls vs Net Six and Chill
8:00pm  Wheatley  Gang Green 2 v Grey Iguanas 12
9:00pm  Wheatley  QUARANTINE QUEENS 3 v YBNG 5
10:00pm Open
Bye Week:  Sneaky Cheetahs

December 8th
9:00pm Green Grey Iguanas v Treme FC
6:00pm  Wheatley  Squad Goals v Magnolia FC
7:00pm  Wheatley  Sneaky Cheetahs  v QUARANTINE QUEENS
8:00pm  Wheatley  Laystaff  v Gang Green
9:00pm  Wheatley  YBNG  v Blue Balls
10:00pm Open
Bye Week:  Net Six and Chill   

December 15th
8:00pm Green Laystaff v YBNG
6:00pm  Wheatley  Gang Green  v Squad Goals
7:00pm   Wheatley Sneaky Cheetahs  v Grey Iguanas
8:00pm Wheatley   Treme FC v Blue Balls
9:00pm  Wheatley  Magnolia FC  v Net Six and Chill
10:00pm   Open

December 22nd – Make Up Day

December 29th
6:00pm  Wheatley  Gang Green  v YBNG
7:00pm  Wheatley  Sneaky Cheetahs  v Treme FC
8:00pm   Wheatley Net Six and Chill  v Grey Iguanas
9:00pm   Wheatley Blue Balls v Laystaff
10:00pm  Wheatley  Quarantine Queens v Squad Goals
Bye Week:    Magnolia FC  

January 5th
6:00pm Wheatley   Sneaky Cheetahs  v Squad Goals
7:00pm  Wheatley  QUARANTINE QUEENS v Treme FC 
8:00pm  Wheatley  Gang Green  v Blue Balls
9:00pm  Wheatley  Magnolia FC v Grey Iguanas
10:00pm  Wheatley  Net Six and Chill v YBNG
Bye Week:  Laystaff

January 12th
6:00pm  Wheatley  Squad Goals v Laystaff
7:00pm Wheatley   Net Six and Chill  v  Sneaky Cheetahs
8:00pm  Wheatley  Gang Green  v QUARANTINE QUEENS
9:00pm  Wheatley  Blue Balls  v Magnolia FC
10:00pm   Wheatley  YBNG  v Treme FC
Bye Week:  Grey Iguanas

January 19th
6:00pm  Wheatley  Net Six and Chill   v GANG GREEN
7:00pm  Wheatley  Sneaky Cheetahs  v Magnolia FC
8:00pm  Wheatley  QUARANTINE QUEENS  v  Laystaff
9:00pm  Wheatley  Squad Goals v YBNG
10:00pm   Wheatley Grey Iguanas  v Blue Balls
Bye Week:      Treme FC 


January 26th – Playoffs at Wheatley
6:00pm     #2 vs #7
7:00pm   #9 vs #10
8:00pm   #4 vs #5
9:00pm   #3 vs #6
10:00pm   #1 vs #8
Bye Week #11


February 2nd  – Playoffs at Wheatley 
6:00pm   Semis
7:00pm   Semis
8:00pm   Friendly 
9:00pm   Friendly
10:00pm  Friendly
Championship played on Feb 9th

New Season Begins February 9th
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