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Saturday Division II

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Teams & Standings

Just 4 D Sweat


Team Colors

  • NO Fools – White
  • 2 Goals 1 Cup – Red
  • Sabai Sabai – Red
  • Arsenal – Red
  • SeaDonkies – Orange
  • Dad Bods
  • Big Brain United – Purple
  •  Just 4 D Sweat – Yellow
  • Hot Tamales FC –  Pink
  • Alembic- White/Green
  • Southshore FC – Black
  • Pelican FC – White/Black


  • Green Charter 2319 Valence St.

Spring 2020

October 31st

1:00pm    Just 4 da Sweat 6 v  Sabai Sabai 2
2:00pm    No Fools 4 v SEADONKIES 1
3:00pm    Big Brain United 3 v Hot Tamales 3
4:00pm    Dad Bods 5 v Southeshore FC 0
5:00pm    Alembic 8 v 2 Goals 1 Cup 2
6:00pm   Revancha 7 vs  Pelican FC 1
Bye Week: MFR United


November 7th
1:00pm NO Fools 5 vs Just 4 da Sweat 3
2:00pm Big Brain United 3 vs Sabai Sabai 1
3:00pm Revancha FC 4 vs 2 Goals 1 Cup 11
4:00pm DAD BODS 0 vs SeaDonkies 2
5:00pm Pelican FC 2 vs MFR United 6  
6:00pm Alembic 7 vs Southshore FC 1
Bye Week: Hot Tamales



November 14th
1:00pm  SeaDonkies 4 vs Big Brain United 2
2:00pm Hot Tamales 3 vs Dad Bods 7
3:00pm Revancha FC 1 vs Just 4 da Sweat 9
4:00pm Sabai Sabai 2 vs NO Fools 7
5:00pm 2 Goals 1 Cup 4 vs Pelican FC 0
6:00pm  MFR United 4 vs Alembic 2
7:00pm Southshore FC 11 vs Arsenal 1

November 21st
1:00pm Revancha FC 1 vs NO Fools 9
2:00pm Just 4 da Sweat 3 vs Big Brain United 2
3:00pm Sabai Sabai 3 vs DAD BODS 6
4:00pm Southshore FC  4 vs Pelican FC 2
5:00pm Hot Tamales 3 vs Alembic 6
6:00pm MFR United 2 vs 3 2 Goals 1 Cup
7:00pm Arsenal 0 vs SeaDonkies 8


November 28th – Make Up Day

December 5th
1:00pm  Hot Tamales  vs 2 Goals 1 Cup
2:00pm  Arsenal vs Just 4 da Sweat
3:00pm NO Fools  vs DAD BODS
4:00pm SeaDonkies vs Pelican FC
5:00pm Southshore FC  vs MFR United
6:00pm Revancha FC  vs Big Brain United
7:00pm Sabai Sabai vs Alembic



December 12th
1:00pm Pelican FC  vs Sabai Sabai
2:00pm Revancha FC  vs Southshore FC
3:00pm MFR United vs Hot Tamales
4:00pm 2 Goals 1 Cup  vs SeaDonkies
5:00pm Alembic  vs Just 4 da Sweat
6:00pm DAD BODS  vs Big Brain United
7:00pm Arsenal vs  NO Fools


December 19th
1:00pm   NO Fools  vs 2 Goals 1 Cup
2:00pm Sabai Sabai vs Southshore FC 
3:00pm Big Brain United  vs Pelican FC
4:00pm Just 4 da Sweat vs MFR United
5:00pm SeaDonkies vs Hot Tamales
6:00pm  Arsenal vs Revancha FC 
7:00pm DAD BODS  vs Alembic

 December 26th – Off

January 2nd
1:00pm  Pelican FC  vs NO Fools
2:00pm Arsenal vs Dad Bods
3:00pm 2 Goals 1 Cup  vs Just 4 da Sweat
4:00pm MFR United vs Sabai Sabai
5:00pm Revancha FC  vs Hot Tamales
6:00pm Southshore FC  vs SeaDonkies
7:00pm Alembic  vs Big Brain United



January 9th
1:00pm MFR United vs NO Fools
2:00pm Pelican FC  vs DAD BODS
3:00pm 2 Goals 1 Cup  vs Big Brain United
4:00pm Southshore FC  vs Just 4 da Sweat
5:00pm Revancha FC  vs SeaDonkies
6:00pm Hot Tamales  vs Sabai Sabai
7:00pm Arsenal vs  Alembic

January 16th
1:00pm DAD BODS  vs 2 Goals 1 Cup
2:00pm  Sabai Sabai  vs SeaDonkies
3:00pm  Arsenal vs Pelican FC
4:00pm  NO Fools  vs Southshore FC
5:00pm  Big Brain United  vs MFR United
6:00pm  Just 4 da Sweat vs Hot Tamales
7:00pm Revancha FC  vs Alembic

January 23rd
1:00pm Sabai Sabai  vs 2 Goals 1 Cup
2:00pm Arsenal vs Big Brain United
3:00pm Revancha FC  vs DAD BODS
4:00pm Just 4 da Sweat vs Pelican FC
5:00pm SeaDonkies vs MFR United
6:00pm Hot Tamales  vs Southshore FC
7:00pm NO Fools  vs Alembic

January 30th
1:00pm   Hot Tamales  vs NO Fools
2:00pm SeaDonkies vs Just 4 da Sweat
3:00pm Southshore FC  vs Big Brain United
4:00pm Revancha FC  vs Sabai Sabai
5:00pm MFR United vs DAD BODS
6:00pm Pelican FC  vs Alembic
7:00pm Arsenal 2 Goals 1 Cup

February 6th
1:00pm   Pelican FC  vs Hot Tamales
2:00pm DAD BODS  vs Just 4 da Sweat 
3:00pm 2 Goals 1 Cup  vs Southshore FC
4:00pm Arsenal vs Sabai Sabai
5:00pm Revancha FC  vs MFR United
6:00pm  Big Brain United  vs NO Fools
7:00pm  Alembic  vs SeaDonkies

February 13th
1:00pm Semis
2:00pm Semis
3:00pm Friendly
4:00pm Friendly
5:00pm Friendly
6:00pm Championship
7:00 Friendly

New Season Begins February 20th
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