Crescent City Soccer

Saturday Division III

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~ Soccer Team FC ~

Teams & Standings

TeamGames PlayedWLTGoals ForGoals AgainstTotal Points
Suicide Squad107034819
Latinos Marquense87014114
Crescent City FC95222919
Rouga Roux95223319
Merchant Bods115513437
Pushin P104512626
Bad Touch93512435

TeamGames PlayedWLTGoals ForGoals AgainstTotal Points
Sabai Sabai96303621
AFC Richmond83233127
Los Jefes113712244
Gooners FC112633341
FC LaSalle101812745
Napoelon FC101811349

Team Colors

  • Suicide Squad – Blue
  • Marquense – Black
  • Napoleon FC – White/Black
  • Sabai Sabai – Red
  • Bad touch- Light Blue
  • Rouga Roux – White
  • FC La Salle – White/Black
  • Crescent City FC – Blue/White
  • LFG – White
  • Soccer Team FC – Black
  • Merchants – White
  • AFC Richmond – Blue
  • Los Jefes – 


  • Green Charter 2319 Valence St.
  • Wheatley School 2300 Dumaine St

Spring 2022


May 28th
1:00pm Green  AFC Richmond 3  vs Gooners FC 3
2:00pm Green  Sabai Sabai  5   vs Crescent City FC 2
4:00pm Green   FC LaSalle   5vs MERCHANT BODS 6
6:00pm Green   Suicide Squad 6 v Rouga Roux 5
7:00pm Green    LOS JEFES vs Latinos Marquense (Rescheduled to June 3oth)
7:00pm Wheatley   Napoleon FC  3  vs Bad Touch 3
Bye Week: Pushin P

June 4th
1:00pm Green  Merchant Bods 1 vs Crescent City FC 7
2:00pm Green  FC LaSalle 2 vs AFC Richmond 2
4:00pm Green   Bad Touch 3 vs Gooners FC 4
6:00pm Green   Pushin P 1 vs Rouga Roux 5
7:00pm Green    Napoleon FC 0 vs Latinos Marquense 3
7:00pm Wheatley   LOS JEFES 0 vs Suicide Squad 8
Bye Week: Sabai Sabai   

June 11th
1:00pm Green  Sabai Sabai 5  vs AFC Richmond 6
2:00pm Green  Suicide Squad 3 vs Gooners FC 3
4:00pm Green   Napoleon FC 2  vs MERCHANT BODS 6
6:00pm Green   LOS JEFES 0 vs Crescent City FC 5
7:00pm Green    Bad Touch 3 vs Pushin P   2
7:00pm Wheatley FC LaSalle  vs Latinos Marquense
  Bye Week: Rouga Roux

June 18th
1:00pm Green  Napoleon FC 0  vs Sabai Sabai   7
2:00pm Green  AFC Richmond  vs Suicide Squad
4:00pm Green   Gooners FC 5 vs LOS JEFES 0
6:00pm Green   Rouga Roux 3 vs FC LaSalle 2
7:00pm Green    Pushin P 3 vs MERCHANT BODS 1
7:00pm Wheatley   Latinos Marquense 7 vs Bad Touch 1
Bye Week: Crescent City FC

June 25th
1:00pm Green   Gooners FC 8 vs FC LaSalle 1
2:00pm Green  Napoleon FC 0 vs Suicide Squad 5
4:00pm Green   Sabai Sabai 5   vs LOS JEFES 0
6:00pm Green   Crescent City FC 3 vs Bad Touch 1
7:00pm Green    Rouga Roux 2 vs MERCHANT BODS 0
7:00pm Wheatley Latinos Marquense 3 vs Pushin P 3
Bye Week: AFC Richmond

June 30th
8:00pm Green    LOS JEFES 2 vs Latinos Marquense 7 
9:00pm Green    LOS JEFES 5 vs Gooners 2



July 2nd
1:00pm Green  Napoleon FC 2 vs FC LaSalle 6
2:00pm Green   Gooners FC 3 vs Crescent City FC 3
4:00pm Green    Suicide Squad 3 vs Pushin P 2
5:00pm Green     LOS JEFES 1 vs MERCHANT BODS 4
6:00pm Green    Sabai Sabai  0  vs Latinos Marquense 5
7:00pm Wheatley    AFC Richmond 4 vs Rouga Roux 4
Bye Week: Bad Touch


July 9th
1:00pm Green    Sabai Sabai  3  vs MERCHANT BODS 5
2:00pm Green  AFC Richmond 6 vs Pushin P 4
4:00pm Green   Suicide Squad 5 vs Bad Touch 1
6:00pm Green   LOS JEFES 3 vs FC LaSalle 2
7:00pm Green    Crescent City FC 5 vs Rouga Roux 4
7:00pm Wheatley    Gooners FC 1 vs Latinos Marquense 7
Bye Week: Napoleon FC  

July 16th
Games will be played at Wheatley
Located at 2300 Dumaine (Field is on Left side of School)
1:00pm Wheatley Bad Touch 1 vs Sabai Sabai   5
2:00pm Wheatley FC LaSalle 4 vs Suicide Squad 6
4:00pm Wheatley MERCHANT BODS 2 vs AFC Richmond 5
6:00pm Wheatley Pushin P 3 vs Gooners FC 1
7:00pm Wheatley Napoleon FC 2  vs Rouga Roux 8
Rescheduled:    Latinos Marquense  vs Crescent City FC



July 23rd
Games will be played at Wheatley
Located at 2300 Dumaine (Field is on Left side of School)   
1:00pm Wheatley Pushin P 0 vs Sabai Sabai   3
2:00pm Wheatley  MERCHANT BODS 2 vs Suicide Squad 2
4:00pm Wheatley Napoleon FC 0 vs Crescent City FC 1
6:00pm Wheatley Bad Touch 4 vs Los Jefes 2
7:00pm Wheatley Latinos Marquense 4 vs AFC Richmond 3
8:00pm Wheatley Rouga Roux 4 vs Gooners FC   2
Bye Week: FC LaSalle

July 30th
1:00pm Green   Crescent City FC 3 vs Suicide Squad 3
2:00pm Green  Pushin P 6  vs FC LaSalle 1
4:00pm Green   MERCHANT BODS 4 vs Bad Touch 7
6:00pm Green   Gooners FC 1 vs Sabai Sabai   6
7:00pm Green    Napoleon FC 3 vs AFC Richmond 2
7:00pm Wheatley    Rouga Roux 1 vs LOS JEFES 1
Bye Week: Latinos Marquense

August 4th
9pm Latinos Marquense 5 v FC LaSalle 3


August 6th
1:00pm Green  Gooners FC 0 vs MERCHANT BODS 3
2:00pm Green  Sabai Sabai  4  vs FC LaSalle 1
4:00pm Green   Napoleon FC  1 vs LOS JEFES 8
6:00pm Green   AFC Richmond 8 vs Bad Touch 2
7:00pm Green    Crescent City FC 0 vs Pushin P 2
7:00pm Wheatley   Rouga Roux  vs Latinos Marquense
Bye Week: Suicide Squad

August 7th
3:00pm Green AFC Richmond  vs Suicide Squad

August 13th
1:00pm Green    Napoleon FC vs Gooners FC
2:00pm Green  Crescent City FC vs AFC Richmond
4:00pm Green   Pushin P vs LOS JEFES
6:00pm Green   Latinos Marquense vs Suicide Squad
7:00pm Green    Rouga Roux  vs Sabai Sabai   
7:00pm Wheatley   Bad Touch  vs FC LaSalle


August 20th
1:00pm Green    Suicide Squad vs Sabai Sabai
2:00pm Green  Bad Touch  vs Rouga Roux
4:00pm Green   Napoleon FC vs Pushin P
6:00pm Green   FC LaSalle  vs Crescent City FC
7:00pm Green    Los Jefes v AFC Richmond
7:00pm Wheatley    MERCHANT BODS  vs Latinos Marquense
Bye Week:  Gooners FC

August 27th
1:00pm Green  Qtrs
2:00pm Green  Qtrs
4:00pm Green   Qtrs
6:00pm Green   Qtrs
7:00pm Green    Friendly
7:00pm Wheatley   

September 3rd
1:00pm Green  Semis
2:00pm Green  Semis
4:00pm Green   Friendly
6:00pm Green   Friendly
7:00pm Green    Friendly

September 10th
7:00pm Wheatley   Championship



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