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Teams & Standings

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Team Colors

  • Stallions FC – Blue
  • Uptown United – White
  • Chaos – Red
  • Sloppy Seconds – Grey
  • Kickers FC – Green
  • Goal Diggers – Pink
  • Scoregasms – White
  • Ball So Hard United – Purple
  • Jared Lewis FC – Blue
  • Spruce Revival – Green
  • Whateverton – Yellow/blue



  • Harrell Stadium: Corner of Leonidas and Claiborne


Winter/Spring 2021


    February 14th
    9:40am     Goal Diggers v Uptown United – rescheduled
    11:00am    Jared Lewis FC 2 v CHAOS 13
    12:20pm     Xavier FC 8 v Sloppy Seconds 11 (Rescheduled) – played 2/21
    1:40pm     Scoregasms 6 v Spruce Revival 4
    3:00pm    Whateverton 9 v  Stallions FC 3
    Bye Week: Kickers FC


    February 21st
    9:40am     Chaos 8 v Stallions FC 3
    11:00am    Spruce Revival 5 v Sloppy Seconds 0 
    12:20pm     Goal Diggers 4 v Scoregasms 6
    1:40pm     Jared Lewis FC 4 v Uptown United 4 
    3:00pm    Kickers FC 3 v WHATEVERTON 9
    Bye Week:  Xavier FC


    February 28th
    9:40am       Kickers FC 3 v Sloppy Seconds 5
    11:00am     Jared Lewis FC 2 v Whateverton 3
    12:20pm     Stallions FC 3 v Uptown United  8
    1:40pm      Scoregasms 7 v CHAOS 4
    3:00pm     Goal Diggers 4 vs Xavier FC 3
    Bye Week:    Spruce Revival

    March 7th
    9:40am     Spruce Revival v STALLIONS FC  
    11:00am    Goal Diggers v Jared Lewis FC
    12:20pm     Kickers FC v Chaos
    1:40pm    Scoregasms  v Xavier FC
    3:00pm    Uptown United  v Sloppy Seconds
    Bye Week:   WHATEVERTON   

    March 14th
    9:40am    Stallions FC v Kickers FC
    11:00am    Sloppy Seconds  v Scoregasms
    12:20pm     CHAOS vs  Uptown United
    1:40pm     WHATEVERTON  v Spruce Revival
    3:00pm     Jared Lewis FC  v Xavier FC
    Bye Week:   Goal Diggers   



    March 14th
    9:40am     Jared Lewis FC  v Uptown United
    11:00am   Chaos v Stallions FC
    12:20pm    Kickers FC v Whaterverton
    1:40pm     Goal Diggers v Scoregasms
    3:00pm     Spruce Revival v Sloppy Seconds
    Bye Week:  Xavier FC


    March 21st
    9:40am     Goal Diggers v Whateverton
    11:00am    CHAOS v Spruce Revival
    12:20pm     Kickers FC v Jared Lewis FC
    1:40pm    Scoregasms  v Uptown United
    3:00pm    Xavier FC  v Stallions FC  
    Bye Week: Sloppy Seconds

    March 28th
    9:40am    Whateverton  v Scoregasms
    11:00am    Sloppy Seconds  v CHAOS
    12:20pm     Spruce Revival v Kickers FC
    1:40pm     Stallions FC  v Goal Diggers
    3:00pm    Uptown United  v Xavier FC
    Bye Week:   Jared Lewis FC   

    April 4th
    9:40am    Scoregasms v Jared Lewis FC
    11:00am    Uptown United v Spruce Revival
    12:20pm     Sloppy Seconds  v Stallions FC
    1:40pm     Goal Diggers  v Kickers FC
    3:00pm    Xavier FC v Whateverton
    Bye Week:   CHAOS 

    April 11th
    9:40am      Chaos v Whateverton
    11:00am    Jared Lewis FC v Stallions FC
    12:20pm    Kickers FC  v Uptown United  
    1:40pm     Sloppy Seconds v Goal Diggers
    3:00pm    Xavier FC v Spruce Revival
    Bye Week:   Scoregasms  

    April 18th
    9:40am     Sloppy Seconds  v Whateverton
    11:00am    Scoregasms  v Stallions FC  
    12:20pm     Jared Lewis FC v Spruce Revival
    1:40pm    CHAOS v Goal Diggers
    3:00pm    Xavier FC v Kickers FC
    Bye Week:   Uptown United

    April 25th
    9:40am    Kickers FC v Scoregasms
    11:00am    Spruce Revival v Goal Diggers
    12:20pm   Whateverton v Uptown United
    1:40pm     Xavier FC v CHAOS
    3:00pm    Jared Lewis FC  v Sloppy Seconds
    Bye Week:    Stallions FC


    May 2nd  – Playoffs
    12:20pm    Semis
    11:00am   Semis
    12:20pm    Friendly 
    1:40pm    Friendly
    3:00pm   Friendly
    Bye Week:   Friendly


    May 9th – Championship

    New Season Begins May 23rd
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