Crescent City Soccer

Monday Over 30

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Jerusalem FC

Teams & Standings

Over 30 Mens D1

TeamGames PlayedWLTGoals ForGoals AgainstTotal Points
Jerusalem FC4400216
The Lions32101693-
Big Toe Pokers51221928
Dubon FC200288
Crescent City FC4040821
Lycee Francais100144

Over 30 Mens D2
TeamGames PlayedWLTGoals ForGoals AgainstTotal Points
Las Chanclas3300139
Ballon D'Sore330095
AC/DC fC42201414
Wolfpack FC31121514
Kachin United412188
Team Gleason41211212


Team Colors

  • Ballon d’Sore –  Blue/White

  • Big Toe Pokers – Red

  • Armada FC – Purple

  • Las Chanclas – White

  • Jerusalem FC – Orange 

  • Wolfpack FC – Black/White
  • Kachin United -Blue
  • Lycee Francais – White

  • Crescent City FC – Neon Yellow

  • AC/DC FC – White/Black

  • Farcelona -Lime Green/White
  • Team Gleason – Green
  • Dubon FC – 
  • The Lions – 

Summer/Fall 2022




July 11th
6:00 Team Gleason  1 v AC/DC FC  2
7:00  Armada 3 v Wolfpack FC 7
8:00 Ballon D’Sore 2 v Kachin United 1
9:00  Jerusalem FC 5 v BIG TOE POKERS 1  (Spring Championship)
10:00  The Lions 3 v Crescent City FC 1

July 14th
8:00 Green  Lycee Francais  v Farcelona  (Reschedule due to Turf Replacement)
Bye Week:  Dubon FC, Las Chanclas

July 18th
6:00  Team Gleason  6 v  Wolfpack FC 3
7:00 Dubon FC 2 vs Farcelona 2
8:00 Las Chanclas 4 vs Kachin United  3
9:00   Big Toe Pokers 1 v The Lions 7
10:00 Jerusalem FC 8  v  Crescent City FC 2

July 21st
8:00 Green  AC/DC FC v Armada   (Off due to field replacement)
Bye Week: Lycee Francais, Ballon D’Sore

July 25th
6:00 Wolfpack FC 1 v Kachin United   1
7:00  Armada 3 v  Ballon D’Sore  4
8:00 Las Chanclas 4 vs AC/DC FC 3
9:00  Crescent City FC 3  v Farcelona   6
10:00  The Lions  v  Jerusalem FC (Reschedule to Aug 25th)

July 28th
6:00 Green  Dubon FC 6 vs BIG TOE POKERS 6     
Bye Week: Lycee Francais , Team Gleason

August 1st
6:00 Las Chanclas vs Ballon D’Sore (moved to sept 8th)
7:00 The Lions 6 v BIG TOE POKERS  7
8:00 Team Gleason 1 v Kachin United 3
9:00  Armada 6 v AC/DC FC 8
10:00  Jerusalem FC 3 v Farcelona  1

August 4th
8:00 Green  Open
Bye Week: Crescent City FC, Wolfpack FC 
Rescheduled: Dubon FC v Lycee Francais (Rescheduled for Aug  18th)


August 8th
6:00 AC/DC FC 1 v Ballon D’Sore 3
7:00  Team Gleason 4  v Wolfpack FC 4
8:00 Las Chanclas 5 vs Armada 3
9:00  BIG TOE POKERS 4  v Lycee Francais  4
10:00  Jerusalem FC 5  v Crescent City FC 2

August 11th
8:00 Green  Dubon FC vs The Lions
9:00 Green  Lycee Francais v Farcelona  (Make up from July 14th)
Bye Week: Farcelona, Kachin United

August 15th
6:00 Big Toe Pokers vs Farcelona
7:00  Team Gleason   v  Ballon D’Sore
8:00 Dubon FC vs Crescent City FC     
9:00   Las Chanclas vs Wolfpack FC 
10:00  Lions FC  v  Lycee Francais  

August 18th
8:00 Green  AC/DC FC v Kachin United
9:00 Green Lycee Francais vs Dubon FC (* TBD- Make Up from Aug 1st)
Bye Week: Jerusalem FC, Armada

August 22nd
6:00  Team Gleason   v AC/DC FC  
7:00  Armada v  Wolfpack FC
8:00  The Lions v Crescent City FC
9:00   Ballon D’Sore v Kachin United
10:00 Jerusalem FC   v BIG TOE POKERS   

August 25th
8:00 Green  Jerusalem FC v Lions
9:00 Green Lycee Francais   v Farcelona   
Bye Week: Dubon FC,  Las Chanclas

August 29th
6:00 The Lions v Farcelona
7:00 Wolfpack FC vs Ballon D’Sore
8:00 Armada v Kachin United
9:00  Crescent City FC  vs Lycee Francais  
10:00 Dubon FC vs  Jerusalem FC

September 1st
7:00 Green AC/DC FC v Armada
8:00 Green  Las Chanclas vs Team Gleason
9:00 Open

September 5th
6:00 AC/DC FC   v  Wolfpack FC
7:00  Team Gleason    v Armada
8:00 Las Chanclas vs Kachin United  
9:00  BIG TOE POKERS    v  Crescent City FC
10:00  Jerusalem FC    v The Lions

September 8th
8:00 Green  Dubon FC vs Farcelona  
9:00 Green Ballon D’Sore v Las Chanclas (Make Up from 8/1)
Bye Week: Lycee Francais, Ballon D’Sore

September 12th
6:00 The Lions v Farcelona
7:00  Armada v Kachin United   
8:00 Crescent City FC v Lycee Francais 
9:00 Las Chanclas vs Team Gleason
10:00  Dubon FC vs Jerusalem FC  

September 15th
8:00 Green  Wolfpack v Ballon D’Sore

September 19th
6:00 Big Toe Pokers v Farcelona
7:00  Team Gleason   v Ballon D’Sore
8:00 Las Chanclas vs Wolfpack FC  
9:00  Dubon FC v Crescent City FC   
10:00  Jerusalem FC   v Lycee Francais  

September 22nd
8:00 Green AC/DC FC   v Kachin United   
Bye Week: The Lions, Armada

September 26th
6:00 The Lions v Big Toe Pokers  
7:00  Armada v AC/DC FC  
8:00 Las Chanclas vs Ballon D’Sore
9:00  Team Gleason v Kachin United
10:00 Jerusalem FC  v Farcelona

September 29th
8:00 Green  Dubon FC vs Lycee Francais  
Bye Week: Crescent City FC,  Wolfpack FC 


October 3rd
6:00 Dubon FC vs BIG TOE POKERS   
7:00 The Lions v Lycee Francais
8:00 Las Chanclas vs AC/DC FC  
9:00  Crescent City FC   v Farcelona   
10:00  Armada v Ballon D’Sore  

October 6th
8:00 Green  Wolfpack FC v Kachin United 
Bye Week: Jerusalem FC, Team Gleason

October 10th
6:00 Dubon FC vs  The Lions
7:00  Team Gleason   v Wolfpack FC
8:00  AC/DC FC v Ballon D’Sore
9:00  Las Chanclas vs Armada
10:00  Jerusalem FC   v Crescent City FC

October 13th
8:00 Green Big Toe Pokers v Lycee Francais
Bye Week: Farcelona , Kachin United   

October 17th
6:00 Semis
7:00 Semis
8:00 Semis
9:00 Semis
10:00 Friendly

October 20th
8:00 Green Div 2 Championship
9:00 Green Div 1 Championship

New Season starts October 24th