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Monday Over 30

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Teams & Standings

Over 30 Mens

TeamGames PlayedWLTGoals ForGoals AgainstTotal Points
Big Toe Pokers106315131
Algeeria  96305833
Las Chanclas105323838
Crescent City FC95224332
Jerusalem FC75202714
United Moracco94323928
AC/DC FC104422927
Team Gleason72331622
Ballon d'Sore102622343
Stargazers FC72501848
Keto FC92702142


Team Colors

  • Ballon d’Sore –  Blue/White

  • Big Toe Pokers – Red

  • Keto FC – Purple

  • El Libre – White

  • Jerusalem FC – Oragne

  • Stargazers – Purple/White

  • Team Gleason – Green

  • Lycee Francais – White

  • Crescent City FC – Yellow

  • Jason FC – White/Black

Spring/Summer 2021
Games At Wheatley

   April 12th
6:00pm  Stargazers FC 3 v  Big Toe Pokers 15
7:00pm Crescent city FC v Team Gleason (Rescheduled)
8:00pm Las Chanclas 5 v Algeeria 12
9:00pm AC/DC FC 5 v Morocoo United 2
10:00pm  Keto FC v Jerusalem FC – cancelled

April 15th at Green
6:00 AQSA 3 v Lycee Francais 2 (Championship Spring)
9:00 Ballon d’Sore 2 v AC/DC FC 1

To be Played July 1st:
 Jerusalem FC v Team Gleason


April 19th

6:00pm  Las Chanclas 5 v Stargazers FC 3
7:00pm  Algeeria 9  v Big Toe Pokers 4
8:00pm Keto FC 1 v Team Gleason 3
9:00pm  Friendly
10:00pm  Crescent City FC 8 v Ballon d’Sore 2
Bye Week: AC/DC FC v Morocco United (played april 12th)



April 26th
6:00pm  Team Gleason 2 v Morocco United 5
7:00pm  Ballon d’Sore  v Stargazers FC (Rescheduled)
8:00pm   Keto FC 1 vs Las Chanclas 7
9:00pm   Crescent City FC 5 v AC/DC FC 3
10:00pm  AQSA v Algeeria  (Rescheduled)

April 29th at Green
6:00   Big Toe Pokers 4 v Jerusalem FC 2

May 3rd
6:00pm AQSA v Jerusalem FC – moved to june 24th
7:00pm  Algeeria 8  v Keto FC 3
8:00pm  Ballon d’Sore 2 v Big Toe Pokers 5
9:00pm  Las Chanclas 2 v Team Gleason 2
10:00pm  AC/DC FC 1 v Stargazers FC 4

May 6th At Green
9:00pm   Crescent City FC 5 v Morocco United 5


May 10th
6:00pm Ballon d’Sore 0 v Jerusalem FC 5
7:00pm  Team Gleason 3 v Algeeria  4
8:00pm  Keto FC 2 v Crescent City FC 6
9:00pm  AC/DC FC 3 v Big Toe Pokers 3
10:00pm  Las Chanclas 5 v Morocco United 0

May 13th at Green
6:00pm Morocco United 11 v Stargazers FC 1


May 17th
6:00pm  Las Chanclas 2 v Big Toe Pokers 6
7:00pm  Keto FC 2 v Stargazers FC 3
8:00pm AQSA 9 v Ballon d’Sore 3
9:00pm  AC/DC FC 2 v Team Gleason 2
10:00pm Crescent City FC 2 v Jerusalem FC 4

May 20th at Green
6:00pm Algeeria 3 v Morocco United 4

May 24th
6:00pm  Big Toe Pokers 5 v Keto FC 0
7:00pm  Algeeria 2  v AC/DC FC 3
8:00pm  Jerusalem FC 1 v Las Chanclas 2
9:00pm  Stargazers FC 2 v Crescent City FC 6
10:00pm  Team Gleason 0 v AQSA 5

May 27th at Green
6:00pm   Ballon d’Sore 3 v Morocco United 3


May 31st
6:00pm  Open

7:00pm Stargazers FC v Team Gleason – cancelled
8:00pm  Ballon d’Sore 3 v Las Chanclas 4
9:00pm AC/DC FC 1 vs  Jerusalem FC 7
10:00pm  Open

June 3rd at Green
6:00pm   Keto FC 1 v Morocco United 7
9:00pm Algeeria 9 v Crescent City FC 4

June 7th
6:00pm Team Gleason 3 v Big Toe Pokers 2

7:00pm  Keto FC 7 v Ballon d’Sore 2
8:00pm  Crescent City FC 2 v Las Chanclas 2
9:00pm  AQSA 0 v AC/DC FC 5
10:00pm Jerusalem FC 5 v Algeeria 3

June 10th at Green
6:00pm   Stargazers FC v AQSA – Rescheduled

June 14th
6:00pm  Algeeria  8 v Stargazers FC 2
7:00pm  AC/DC FC 5 v Keto FC 0
8:00pm Crescent City FC 5 v Big Toe Pokers 3
9:00pm  Ballon d’Sore 1 v Team Gleason 1
10:00pm  Las Chanclas 4 v AQSA  8

June 17th 
8:00pm Wheatley Big Toe Pokers 4 v AQSA 2
9:00pm Green  Jerusalem FC 3 v Moroco United 2

June 21st
6:00pm  Las Chanclas v AC/DC FC
7:00pm  Team Gleason v Keto FC
8:00pm Ballon d’Sore v Algeeria  
9:00pm  Stargazers FC vs Jerusalem FC
10:00pm  AQSA v Crescent City FC 

June 24th at Green
6:00pm    Big Toe Pokers v Morocco United
9:00pm   AQSA vs Jerusalem FC  (make up from May 3rd)

June 28th
6:00pm  Ballon d’Sore v LAS CHANCLAS
7:00pm  Starglazers FC v Team Gleason
8:00pm  Algeeria v Crescent City FC
9:00pm  Big Toe Pokers v AQSA
10:00pm AC/DC FC vs  Jerusalem FC

July 1st at Green
6:00pm  Keto FC  v Morocco United
9:00pm  Jerusalem FC v Team Gleason 


July 5th (Make Up Day)
7:00 Stargazers vs Ballon D’sore (From April 26th)
8:00 Crescent City FC v Team Gleason (From April 12th)
9:00 AQSA v Algeers (From April 26th)
10:00 Keto FC v Jerusalem FC (From April 12th)

July 12th- Playoffs
8:00pm Green #2 vs #8
7:00pm #9 vs #10
8:00pm #4 vs #5
9:00pm #3 vs #6
10:00pm #1 vs #7
Bye Week #11

July 19th – Playoffs
6:00pm Semis
7:00pm Semis
8:00pm Friendly 
9:00pm Friendly
10:00pm Friendly
Bye Week:   Friendly

July 26th – Playoffs
7:00  Green  Friendly
7:00pm Friendly
8:00pm Championship
9:00pm Friendly
10:00pm Friendly
Bye Week:   Wheatley Friendly

New Season Begins July 26th
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