Crescent City Soccer

Sunday Coed Division IV

👑 Current Champions

~ Ponchartain FC~

Teams & Standings

TeamGames PlayedWLTGoals ForGoals AgainstTotal Points
Wolfpack FC52305146
Markeys Pub623117157
Who Dat Workers Party FC41219134
Pank Panthers540121313
Real Nola550023715
Lady Bugs7322151211
Over The Hill FC60516251
Last Minute FC50505200
Green Machine651020515
Phoebe FC6321181210
Personas Mayores Futbol715114274

Team Colors

  • LadyBugs – Red
  • Markeys Pub – Grey
  • Phoebe FC – Light Grey
  • Ponchatrain FC – Black
  • Over The Hill FC – White/Black
  • Real Nola – Purple
  • Nothing But Subs – Black
  • Misfits –   Green
  • Green Machine – Green/White
  • Who Dat Workers Party FC – White

Spring 2024
Games at Wheatley


April 7th
3:00 Sunday D3 
4:00 Pank Panthers 2 v  Green Machine 1 

 5:00 Markeys Pub 0 v Real Nola 5 
6:00  Over The Hill FC 0 vs Phoebe FC   7
7:00 Misfits 1 vs Lady Bugs  2
8:00 Personas Mayores Futbol 5 v Last Minute FC 3
9:00 Who Dat FC Workers Party vs Wolfpack FC  (Rescheduled)

April 12th
9:00pm Green Pontchartrain FC 6 v Phoebe FC 2 (Winter Championship)

Schedule may change after April 7th***


April 14th
3:00 Sunday D3 
4:00pm     Green Machine 2 v Last Minute FC  1
5:00pm      Over The Hill FC 4 v  Markeys Pub 7
 6:00pm      Misfits 3 v REAL NOLA   5
7:00pm     Who Dat Workers Party FC   1 v Lady Bugs    6
8:00pm      Wolfpack FC 1 v Phoebe FC 0
9:00pm  Personas Mayores Futbol 0 v Pank Panthers 6


April 21st
3:00pm Misfits 3 v Markeys Pub 2
4:00pm  Last Minute FC 1 v REAL NOLA 5
5:00pm  Personas Mayores Futbol  2 v Who Dat Workers Party FC 4
6:00pm     Wolfpack FC 0 v Pank Panthers  5
7:00pm    Phoebe FC 1   v GREEN MACHINE 8
8:00pm    Over The Hill FC 0 v Lady Bugs 2
9:00pm    Open


**Please Remember Smoking and Alcohol are not permitted anywhere on the school grounds


April 28th
3:00pm Wolfpack FC v Real Nola (Rescheduled)
4:00pm    Markeys Pub 4 v Last Minute FC  0
5:00pm    Pank Panters 2 v Lady Bugs 2
6:00pm      Phoebe FC 1 v Who Dat Workers Party FC  1
7:00pm    Misfits 0 v GREEN MACHINE 4
8:00pm    Personas Mayores Futbol 1 v Over The Hill FC  1


May 5th
3:00pm  Pank Panthers 6 v Over The Hill FC 0
4:00pm   Phoebe FC 4 v Last Minute FC 0
5:00pm    Misfits 4 v Who Dat Workers Party FC  3
6:00pm    Personas Mayores Futbol 3 v Real Nola 6
7:00pm    Lady Bugs  1   v Markeys Pub  1
8:00pm   Green Machine 3 v Wolfpack FC 0
9:00pm Open

May 12th
3:00 Sunday D3 
4:00pm    Who Dat Workers Party FC   v Last Minute FC  
5:00pm    Phoebe FC v Pank Panthers
6:00pm    Over The Hill FC 1    v Green Machine 2
7:00pm    REAL NOLA 2   v Lady Bugs   0
8:00pm  Wolfpack FC 1 v Misfits 4
9:00pm  Personas Mayores Futbol 1 v Markeys Pub  4

May 19th
3:00 Sunday D3 
4:00pm    Last Minute FC v Over The Hill FC
5:00pm      GREEN MACHINE vs  REAL NOLA   
6:00pm      Misfits v Pank Panthers
7:00pm      Markeys Pub  v Who Dat Workers Party FC  
8:00pm      Personas Mayores Futbol 2 v Wolfpack FC 3
9:00pm      Lady bugs 2 v Phoebe FC 5



May 26th
3:00pm Personas Mayores Futbol v Lady Bugs
4:00pm     Pank Panthers  v Last Minute FC   
5:00pm      Phoebe FC v Real Nola 
6:00pm     Green Machine v Who Dat Workers Party FC
7:00pm      Over The Hill FC    v Misfits
8:00pm    Wolfpack FC v Markeys Pub
9:00pm     Open

June 2nd
3:00 Sunday D3 
4:00pm    Last Minute FC v Wolfpack FC
5:00pm      Markeys Pub  v Phoebe FC
6:00pm      Real Nola V Pank Panters
7:00pm    Personas Mayores Futbol v Misfits
8:00pm  Lady Bugs v Green Machine
9:00pm   Who Dat Workers Party FC v Over The Hill FC

June 8th
2:00pm Green Real Nola v Who Dat Works Party FC


June 9th
3:00 Sunday D3 
4:00pm     Pank Panthers v Markeys Pub
5:00pm      Phoebe FC v Misfits
6:00pm      Real Nola v Who Dat Workers Party FC
7:00pm   Lady Bugs v Last Minute FC  
8:00pm    Wolfpack FC  v Over The Hill FC      
9:00pm  Personas Mayores Futbol v GREEN MACHINE 

June 16th
3:00 Sunday D3 
4:00pm  Misfits v Last Minute FC  
5:00pm     Over The Hill FC     v REAL NOLA    
6:00pm      Pank Panthers v Who Dat Workers Party FC
7:00pm  Personas Mayores Futbol v  Phoebe FC   
8:00pm     Lady Bugs    v Wolfpack FC
9:00pm    Green Machine v Markeys Pub



June 23rd– Playoffs
3:00 Sunday D3 
4:00pm    Qtr Last minute FC
5:00pm     Qtr 
6:00pm     Qtr
7:00pm    Friendly
8:00pm      Qtr
Bye Week:   #11

June 30th
4:00pm  Friendly
5:00pm  Semis
6:00pm  Semis
7:00pm  Friendly
8:00pm  Friendly #11 v TBD

July 7th– New Season + Championship

New Season Begins July 7th
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