Crescent City Soccer

Thursday Coed Over 30

👑 Current Champions

Melias Squad/Gladiatores

Teams & Standings

TeamGames PlayedWLTGoals ForGoals AgainstTotal Points
Gladiatores FC88004317
Pimpin Joy96304027
Further Uptowners76104219
Bad Karma84221915
Good Vibrations84402536
Orleans FC93332628
Melias Squad834123290
Carli Lloyds92432428
Muchachas Salvajes924323270
St Margs7160833
Bad Touch70701143

Team Colors

  • Further Uptowners – Grey
  • Geri-Hat-Tricks -purple
  • Carli Lloyds – Orange
  • Muchachas Salvajes – 
  • Bad Karma – Pink
  • St.Margs – Black
  • Pimpin Joy – Black
  • Gulf Coast FC – White
  • Orleans FC
  • Good Vibrations – Blue
  • Bad Touch- Light Blue/White
  • Gladiadores FC – Green


  • Wheatley – 2300 Dumaine
  • Green – 2319 Valence

Summer 2022


June 2nd
6:00pm Green  Orleans FC 2 vs Carli Lloyds 4
7:00pm Green  St.Margs 0 vs Further Uptowners 10
6:00pm Wheatley   Bad Touch 1 vs Pimpin Joy 8
7:00pm Wheatley   Good Vibrations 6 vs Muchachas Salvajes 3
8:00pm Wheatley    Melias Squad 2 vs Gladiatores FC 3
9:00pm Wheatley   GERI HAT TRICKS 2  vs Bad Karma 3
Bye Week: Jaguares   

June 9th
6:00pm Green  Melias Squad vs Bad Touch – rescheduled sept 
7:00pm Green Further Uptowners  5 vs Pimpin Joy 4
6:00pm Wheatley   St.Margs   vs ORLEANS FC – rescheduled
7:00pm Wheatley   Bad Karma 2 v Muchachas Salvajes 2
8:00pm Wheatley    GERI HAT TRICKS 0 vs Gladiatores FC 3
9:00pm Wheatley  Jaguares  3  vs Carli Lloyds 3
Bye Week: Good Vibrations

June 16th
6:00pm Green  Bad Touch 2  vs Good Vibrations  3 
7:00pm Green  Bad Karma 2 vs Pimpin Joy 3
6:00pm Wheatley   Geri Hat Tricks 2 vs Carli Lloyds 1
7:00pm Wheatley  Melias Squad 5  vs ORLEANS FC 5
8:00pm Wheatley    Jaguares 1 v Further Uptowners 3
9:00pm Wheatley St.Margs 1 vs Gladiatores FC 5
  Bye Week: Muchachas Salvajes

June 23rd
6:00pm Green  
7:00pm Green Good Vibrations 1 vs Orleans FC 3
6:00pm Wheatley   Pimpin Joy 4 vs GERI HAT TRICKS 2
7:00pm Wheatley  Muchachas Salvajes 3 vs St.Margs 4
8:00pm Wheatley    Melias Squad 3 vs Jaguares   4
9:00pm Wheatley   Gladiatores FC 8 vs Bad Touch 3
Bye Week: Carli Lloyds
Rescheduled: Further Uptowners vs Bad Karma

June 30th
6:00pm Green  Melias Squad 3 v Bad Karma 0
7:00pm Green  Green Carli Lloyds 6 vs Bad Touch 2
6:00pm   Pimpin Joy 5 v St.Margs 0
7:00pm  Muchaschas Salvajes 2 vs Orleans FC 2
8:00pm    Jaguares 5  vs GERI HAT TRICKS 1
9:00pm  Gladiatores FC  6 vs Good Vibrations  5
Bye Week: Further Uptowners



July 7th
6:00pm Green  Melias Squad 4 vs St.Margs 1
7:00pm Green   Pimpin Joy 4 vs Carli Lloyds 1
6:00pm Wheatley    Bad Karma 4 vs Good Vibrations 1
7:00pm Wheatley    Further Uptowners 4 vs Muchachas Salvajes 3
8:00pm Wheatley     GERI HAT TRICKS 2 vs ORLEANS FC 3
9:00pm Wheatley    Jaguares  2  vs Gladiatores FC 4
Bye Week: Bad Touch


July 14th

6:00pm Wheatley   Bad Karma 4 vs Bad Touch 1
7:00pm Wheatley   GERI HAT TRICKS 3 vs St.Margs 1
8:00pm Wheatley    Jaguares  2  vs ORLEANS FC 2
9:00pm Wheatley Carli Lloyds 2 vs Muchachas Salvajes   2
Bye Week: Melias Squad  
Games to be Rescheduled to Sept 1 due to turf replacement:
6:00pm Green Pimpin Joy  vs Gladiatores FC  
7:00pm Green  Further Uptowners vs Good Vibrations

July 21st
Games to be Rescheduled to Sept 1 due to turf replacement
6:00pm Green   St.Margs vs Bad Karma 
7:00pm Green   Bad Touch  vs Jaguares 
6:00pm Wheatley   Good Vibrations 4 vs Pimpin Joy 2
7:00pm Wheatley  ORLEANS FC 2 vs Further Uptowners 9
8:00pm Wheatley    Melias Squad 0 vs Muchachas Salvajes   4
9:00pm Wheatley   Gladiatores FC 8 vs Carli Lloyds 3



July 28th
7:00pm Green  Muchachas Salvajes 2 vs Pimpin Joy 6
8:00pm Green  ORLEANS FC 1 vs Bad Karma 2
6:00pm Wheatley   Melias Squad 3 vs Carli Lloyds 2
7:00pm Wheatley   Bad Touch 1 vs Geri Hat Tricks 8
8:00pm Wheatley    Good Vibrations 2 vs Jaguares   5
9:00pm Wheatley    Gladiatores 6 vs Further Uptowners 1
Bye Week: St.Margs

August 4th
6:00pm Green   Carli Lloyds 2 vs Bad Karma 2
7:00pm Green  Good Vibrations 3 vs St.Margs 1
6:00pm Wheatley   ORLEANS FC 6 vs Bad Touch 1
7:00pm Wheatley   Melias Squad 3 vs Further Uptowners 10
8:00pm Wheatley    Muchachas Salvajes 2 vs Geri Hat Tricks 1
9:00pm Wheatley    Pimpin Joy 4 vs Jaguares   6
Bye Week: Gladiatores FC


August 11th
6:00pm Green  Further Uptowners vs Bad Touch
7:00pm Green  Pimpin Joy  vs ORLEANS FC
6:00pm Wheatley   Melias Squad   vs GERI HAT TRICKS
7:00pm Wheatley  Carli Lloyds vs Good Vibrations
8:00pm Wheatley    Jaguares    vs St.Margs
9:00pm Wheatley   Muchachas Salvajes  vs Gladiatores FC
Bye Week: Bad Karma

August 18th
6:00pm Green    Bad Touch vs St.Margs
7:00pm Green  Melias Squad vs Pimpin Joy
6:00pm Wheatley Carli Lloyds vs Further Uptowners
7:00pm Wheatley    Good Vibrations vs GERI HAT TRICKS
8:00pm Wheatley    Muchachas Salvajes  vs Jaguares   
9:00pm Wheatley   Gladiatores FC vs Bad Karma


August 25th
6:00pm Green    Geri Hat Tricks v Further Uptowners
7:00pm Green Melias Squad vs Good Vibrations
6:00pm Wheatley   Bad Touch vs Muchachas Salvajes
7:00pm Wheatley   St.Margs  vs Carli Lloyds
8:00pm Wheatley    Bad Karma vs Jaguares
9:00pm Wheatley    ORLEANS FC  vs Gladiatores FC
Bye Week:  Pimpin Joy

September 1st
Games to be Rescheduled From  turf replacement in July:
6:00 Green Melias Squad v Bad Touch
7:00 Open
6:00pm Wheatley St.Margs vs Bad Karma
7:00pm Wheatley Further Uptowners vs Good Vibrations
8:00pm Wheatley Bad Touch vs Jaguares

9:00pm Wheatley Pimpin Joy  vs Gladiatores FC  

September 8th
6:00pm Green  Friendly
7:00pm Green  Qtrs
6:00pm Wheatley   Friendly
7:00pm Wheatley   Qtrs
8:00pm Wheatley  Qtrs Gladiatores
9:00pm Wheatley Qtrs Jaguares   

September 15th
6:00pm Green  Friendly
7:00pm Green Friendly
6:00pm Wheatley   Friendly
7:00pm Wheatley   Friendly
8:00pm Wheatley    Semi
9:00pm Wheatley Semi

September 22nd
8:00pm Wheatley   Championship + New Season


New Season Begins September 15th
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