Crescent City Soccer

Wednesday Competitive III

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                                    Coed Calamity

Teams & Standings

Competitive III –   

TeamGames PlayedWLTGoals ForGoals AgainstTotal Points
Coed Calamity3210178
We Dhem Boys4220145
Cartel FC31111012
Bayou Rougaroux4301249
Phish + Chips3300156
Kenner FC2020211
Martin Win Cellar41211119
Pali United FC3111715
Metairie FC 3030616


Team Colors

  • Pali United FC – Blue

  • Kenner FC 

  • We Dhem Boys – Green

  • Phish n Chips – Red/Blue

  • Bayou Rougaroux – Blue/White

  • Patelpluma –   White/Purple

  • Real Metairie – Yellow

  • Martin Win Cellar – Green

  • Coed Calamity – Blue

  • Nolatinos – Black

  • Cartel FC – Black

Spring 2023



March 1st
6:00pm Martin Win Cellar 3 v We Dhem Boys 7
7:00pm Patelpluma 3 v CARTEL FC 4
8:00pm Kenner FC 2 v Coed Calamity 6
9:00pm PALI UNITED F.C. 2 v Bayou Rougaroux 11
10:00pm Metairie FC 2 v Nolatinos  3
Bye Week: Phish + Chips


March 8th
6:00pm Martin Win Cellar 4 v Bayou Rougaroux 4 
7:00pm Patelpluma 0 v We Dhem Boys 5  
8:00pm Nolatinos 0 v Phish + Chips 5
9:00pm Coed Calamity 8 v Metairie FC 2
10:00pm PALI UNITED F.C. 3 v CARTEL FC 3
Bye Week: Kenner FC

**Please Remember Smoking and Alcohol are not permitted anywhere on the school grounds

March 9th
7:00pm Coed Calamity 3 v Martin Win Cellar 4
9:00pm  Patelpluma 3 v Phish + Chips 5


March 15th
6:00pm Nolatinos 5 vs Kenner FC 0
7:00pm Phish + Chips 5 v MARTIN WIN CELLAR 3
8:00pm Bayou Rougaroux 6 v CARTEL FC 3
9:00pm Patelpluma 5 v Metairie FC 2
10:00pm PALI UNITED F.C. 2 v We Dhem Boys 1
Bye Week: Coed Calamity

March 16th
9:00pm We Dhem Boys 1 v Bayou Rougaroux 3


March 22nd
6:00pm Middle School Soccer
7:00pm Phish + Chips v Cartel FC
8:00pm Nolatinos v We Dhem Boys 
9:00pm Kenner FC  v Bayou Rougaroux
10:00pm Patelpluma  v PALI UNITED F.C.
Bye Week: Metairie FC 
(Martin Win Cellar vs Coed Calamity played March 9th) 


March 29th
6:00pm Middle School Soccer
7:00pm We Dhem Boys v CARTEL FC
8:00pm Kenner FC v Martin Win Cellar
9:00pm Coed Calamity v Nolatinos
10:00pm PALI UNITED F.C. v Metairie FC
Bye Week: Bayou Rougaroux
(Patelpluma  v Phish + Chips played March 9th)


April 5th
6:00pm Middle School Soccer 
7:00pm Phish + Chips v Coed Calamity
8:00pm Nolatinos v Cartel FC
9:00pm Kenner FC  v Metairie FC
Bye Week: Patelpluma
(Bayou Rougaroux v We Dhem Boys played March 16th)


April 12th
6:00pm Bayou Rougaroux v Patelpluma     
8:00pm Metairie FC v Phish + Chips
9:00pm We Dhem Boys v Coed Calamity
10:00pm PALI UNITED F.C. v Kenner FC  
Bye Week: Nolatinos

April 19th
6:00pm Martin Win Cellar v Bayou Rougaroux
7:00pm Patelpluma  v We Dhem Boys
8:00pm Nolatinos  v Phish + Chips
9:00pm Coed Calamity v Metairie FC
10:00pm Pali United FC v Cartel FC
Bye Week: Kenner FC

April 26th
6:00pm Coed Calamity v Patelpluma 
7:00pm We Dhem Boys v Phish + Chips
8:00pm CARTEL FC v Kenner FC  
9:00pm Metairie FC v Martin Win Cellar
10:00pm Bayou Rougaroux v Nolatinos  


May 3rd
6:00pm Phish + Chips v Kenner FC
7:00pm Coed Calamity v Bayou Rougaroux
8:00pm Patelpluma  v Martin Win Cellar
9:00pm CARTEL FC v Metairie FC
10:00pm Nolatinos  v PALI UNITED F.C.
Bye Week: We Dhem Boys


May 10th
6:00pm Cartel FC v Coed Calamity
7:00pm Nolatinos v Patelpluma
8:00pm Kenner FC  v We Dhem Boys
9:00pm Metairie FC v Bayou Rougaroux
10:00pm Phish + Chips v PALI UNITED F.C.
Bye Week: Martin Win Cellar

May 17th
6:00pm Phish + Chips v Bayou Rougaroux
7:00pm Martin Win Cellar v Nolatinos  
8:00pm Kenner FC  v Patelpluma  
9:00pm Metairie FC v We Dhem Boys
10:00pm Pali United F.C. v Coed Calamity   (Cartel FC)

May 24th– Playoffs

6:00pm Friendly
7:00pm Qtr
8:00pm Qtr
9:00pm Qtr
10:00pm Qtr
Bye Week: #11

May 31st
6:00pm Friendly
7:00pm Semis
8:00pm Semis
9:00pm Friendly
10:00pm Friendly #11 v TBD



June 7th – New Season + Championship
New Season Begins June 7th
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