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Competitive II –



Team Colors

  • Dunderballs – White
  • Nola City – Pink
  • FK Klošari – Blue/Gold
  • Penarol – Black and Yellow
  • Los Bobos – Grey
  • Sol Glo FC – Black
  • Off White – White
  • Al Nassr – Black
  • Marleyville fC – Purple
  •  Deportivo Ceibeno – White
  • Leones De Juda – Black


50 X 35 yards

The playing area is shown in green. Field markings are in orange. Field boundaries are marked by a thick-white line. Any ball that is totally on the thick-white line (totally out of the green area) is out of play and will result in a kick-in.

6.5′ x 12′

size 5


There is a maximum of  six players on the field during a match – five field players and one goalkeeper. Any team with more than six players on the field will be penalized with a yellow card and an indirect free kick awarded to the opposing team (from the 2-line spot).  Substitutions are not exempt from this rule – the entering player must wait for the exiting player to leave the field of play before entering (and at the same point of exit).

A minimum of four  players are required to start a match.

Team rosters must have a minimum of nine players in order to register a team.

A Player can only play on one team per league.

A Player must have a Player Card for the team they are playing on and must have played with that team during the regular season to play in Playoffs.

Over-30 requires a player to be 30+ or be turning 30 during that season to be eligible to play. Players must bring an ID to the game. (Same applies to Over-40)

Violations in regards to the illegal use of players (playing for multiple teams in the same division), or players who do not meet the age requirement in Over 30 must be reported within a week of the game for enforcement to occur.

6v6 Coed
At all times, a minimum of two field players must be male and a minimum of two field players must be female .  The gender of the goalkeeper does not count towards the field players.


Substitutions are “on the fly.” Make them as often as you need, but do so at the sideline near midfield, and the entering player must wait for the exiting player to leave the field. YOU MAY NOT (EVER) bring a substitute on at the end-line or near the corners or have too many players on the field. The entering must wait for the exiting player to leave the field of play before entering. Entering and exiting the field must occur from the same point on the sideline. The only exception to this is when the referee waves an entering player on to the field of play. Illegal substitutions can result in a yellow card


Shinguards are strongly recommended and should be completely covered by socks. Any player  not wearing shinguards does so at their own risk.

Unless otherwise stated, jerseys will not be provided by the league. “Bibs” or “pinnies” will be available. Team uniforms are welcomed and encouraged. Matching shorts and socks are recommended, but not required.

All players are responsible for removing ALL forms of “exposed” jewelry. Being asked to remove jewelry in a match may result in a caution. “Unexposed” jewelry is worn at the player’s own risk.

Casts (hard or soft) will not be permitted during play. Knee braces are fine.

Rubber-studded cleats, turf shoes, or flat-soled shoes are all acceptable on the “field turf” playing surface. Metal studs, spikes, or “screw-ins” will not be allowed. “Blade pegs” (narrow studs found on many new kinds of soccer cleats like vapors, predators, etc.) are acceptable, but not recommended on field turf due to the tendency to create strain on the knees and ankles. Wear “blade pegs” at your own risk.

2 x 25 minute halves with 2.5 minute halftime.

EXTRA TIME (Over time for tie-breakers)
Golden Goal. No substitutions. If the  score remains tied after a five minute period, each team will remove a player from the field (and play 5v5) for next 2 minutes. If no goal is scored in that two-minute period, each team will remove another player (and play 4v4). This will continue until each team is down to 2 field players and a Goal Keeper (3v3). .  3v3 play will continue until a goal is scored.

Opposing players must be at least 5 yards from the ball prior to kick offs and restarts from the ground. There will be no drop balls in the penalty area. Restarts do not have to be taken in a forward direction.

A player is guilty of a 3-line violation when he/she passes or throws the ball across 3 lines in the air, towards the opponent’s

goal, without touching or having been played by another player on either team. An indirect kick will be awarded, to the opposing team, at the middle of the first line crossed.

Kick-ins will be taken in lieu of throw-ins. The 3 line violation also applies to kick-ins. Excessive time-wasting on kick-ins is not permitted. This may be punished by loss of the ball, or a card in excessive cases. Kick-ins are indirect (a goal cannot be directly scored from a kick-in). KEEPERS MAY NOT RECEIVE A KICK-IN WITH THEIR HANDS.

Goal kicks may not cross 3 lines in the air. Goal kicks are taken from anywhere in the penalty area between the end-line and first white line (5 yards from the end-line). Excessive time wasting will not be tolerated on goal kicks.

Goals can be scored directly from corner kicks. Opposing players must be at least 5 yards away from the ball. Excessive time wasting will not be tolerated on corner kicks.

All direct and indirect fouls apply. Direct kick offenses include when a player commits any of the following:
– kicks or attempts to kick an opponent

– trips or attempts to trip an opponent

– jumps at an opponent

– charges an opponent

– strikes or attempts to strike an opponent

– pushes an opponent

– tackles an opponent to gain possession of the ball, making contact with the opponent before touching the ball

– holds an opponent

– spits at an opponent

– plays the ball on the ground

– handles the ball deliberately (except for the goalkeeper within his own penalty area)

– plays in a dangerous manner

– deliberately impedes the progress of an opponent

– prevents the goalkeeper from releasing the ball from his hands

– commits any other offense, not previously mentioned, for which play is stopped to caution or dismiss a player

An indirect free-kick offense includes when the referee has deems that a player commits any of the following:

– violation of the 3-line rule

– illegal substitution which would be taken like a 3-line rule violation

An indirect free-kick is also awarded to the opposing team if a goalkeeper, inside his own penalty area, commits any of the following offences:

– takes more than six seconds while controlling the ball with his hands, before releasing it from his possession

– touches the ball again with his hands after it has been released from his possession and has not touched any other player

– touches the ball with his hands after it has been deliberately kicked to him by a teammate

– touches the ball with his hands after he has received it directly from a kick-in taken by a team-mate

Opposing players must remain at least 5 yards from the ball. Restarts may be taken immediately, without requesting the 5 yards. Once requested, the kicker must wait for a whistle to play. Once the official signals for play to continue, the kicker has 5 seconds to play the ball. Otherwise, the ball will be awarded to the opposing team. SLIDE TACKLING AND PLAYING ON THE GROUND IS NOT PERMITTED, and (per the league official’s judgment) may be grounds for removal of the player.

A distance of 5 yards must be given after every foul. A defensive player who does not back up from a free kick, will be issued a yellow card. A free kick needs to be played without hindrance or interference. A defensive player must begin to retreat from the ball after a foul is called. If defensive player stands over the ball and refuses to retreat he will receive a yellow card.

***An offensive player is not required to “Ask for 5”, if an offensive player does ask for “5 yards” the ref will stop play, enforce the 5 yard area, and restart play on his whistle. Any ball played before the whistle will be brought back. 

A penalty kick shall be taken at the top of the penalty box with the kicker getting one step. All players except the kicker and the opposing goalkeeper must stand outside the top of the penalty area, at least 5 yards away from the kicker.
Players are not permitted on either side of the penalty area. The goal keeper may not move forward from the goal-line until the penalty kick has been struck.

At Green: players have one step, with both feet starting inside and not touching the white line closest to the yellow line which is the top of the box. The ball is placed in line with the middle of the goal on the yellow line.

At Wheatley: There is no restriction on distance from the ball as long as the player only takes one step. The ball is placed in line with the middle of the goal on the yellow line.

***If the player taking the penalty takes more than one step or has one foot starting on the white line — the penalty will be retaken.

***If a player from the attacking team enters the box before the kick and a goal is scored — the penalty will be retaken.

***If a player from each team enters the box prior to the kick — the penalty will be retaken.

***If a player from the attacking team enters the box before the kick and no goal is scored — a goal kick is awarded.

***If a player from defending team enters the box prior to the kick or the keeper comes off their line before the ball is kicked and a goal is scored — the goal stands.  

A goal keeper, having control of the ball in hands, and having released it from his/her hands to be played, either by himself/herself or a teammate, shall not handle the ball again until it has been touched by an opponent, or a stoppage of play occurs.

KEEPERS MAY NOT HANDLE THE BALL PASSED TO THEM FROM THE FEET OF A TEAMMATE (Examples of exceptions include head, chest, and thigh passes). Punishment: an indirect free kick will be awarded to the opposing team at the top of the penalty box.

Once the keeper has handled the ball they have ( 5 ) seconds to put the ball back in play. Failure to do so will result in an indirect free kick for the opposing team at the top of the penalty box.

Keepers may not throw, punt, or drop kick the ball in the air over three ( 3 ) lines. Keepers may not play kick-ins with their hands.

Keepers may  slide but may not do so with cleats up or in a dangerous manner and only while inside their box.

One referee will be assigned to each match. Dissent or excessive badgering of the official will result in appropriate action being taken. “Appropriate action” is the decision of the league official.


The team that wins the tournament championship or regular season title at the end of the season can be promoted to the next corresponding division within their system. The team that loses the relegation game will drop down a division. (Ex. The loser of the relegation game of Tuesday D1, drops to Monday D2, and the winner of Monday D2 moves to Tuesday D1)

Any team can choose to take themselves out of the playoff bracket at the end of the season and choose to do a friendly instead. 

Cautions and ejections will be on the standard yellow/red card system.

Yellow Card Rule: If a player receives a Yellow Card he must sit out of the game for 2 minutes, the carded player is allowed to be subbed. If the team has no subs, the player will remain on the sideline for a full 2 minutes, while his team plays down a man. If a goal is scored in that 2 minutes it does not affect a players ability to come back into the game.

Players ejected (straight red) from a match will be suspended for a minimum of one match, and may be subject to further suspension.

Players ejected for extreme cases of dissent towards the ref can be suspended for multiple games, and player who makes contact with a ref or attempts contact with a ref will be suspended from the league.

Players that do not leave the field right away, or make threats after ejection will face further suspension from the league

Ejections for violent actions will result in suspension for a minimum of three matches, and may be subject to further action. Any ejection will carry over to all leagues the individual who committed the offense plays in. Decisions regarding the length of a suspension will be made by the league officials. Should a player accumulate two yellow cards in one match, their team will play one player down for the remainder of that match. He/she could be eligible for the following match, with a referee report suggesting no suspension. Offensive language is cautionable conduct. SLIDE TACKLING IS NOT PERMITTED AND CAN RECEIVE AUTOMATIC CAUTION OR EJECTION.

Ejections for fighting, punching, or attacking another player will result in a multi season suspension from the league. 

E-mail and/or telephone notification will take place in the event of changes on account of inclement weather. Please check the league phone line for updates.

League officials reserve the right to cancel or postpone a match, which may or may not be rescheduled. Should a match’s progress be terminated due to weather conditions after one half has been completed the match will be considered official and the score at the time will stand.

WIN = 3 points, TIE = 1 point, LOSS = 0 points. A tiebreaker may be necessary to determine seeding in playoffs. This will be resolved by a reference of (in the following order) 1) Head to head result 2) Most Wins  3) Head to Head Goal Differential 4) least # of goals allowed 5) Full-field accuracy shot (first representative to make the shot and the opposition misses).

After a period of 10 minutes scheduled start-time, during which a team does not have enough registered players to begin, the match will be ruled a FORFEIT, in favor of the opposing team (provided they have enough players to begin). This will be recorded as a 5-0 loss to the forfeiting team. Teams forfeiting their match without at least 48 hours notice will be penalized a $50 forfeit fee. 48 hours notice means the team manager will have to speak to a league official, leave a message on the league phone line or send email to of which must occur at least 48 hours before the scheduled time of the forfeited match).

***A match that is forfeited does not have to be rescheduled by the team to which the game was forfeited. Only upon agreement of both managers will a game be rescheduled. If a team reschedules they will have to pay referee fees of $20 on the make up day.

Are not permitted on the grounds. Please DO NOT bring alcoholic beverages on the premises. Teams are responsible for their spectators or anyone else in attendance on account of the team. Teams in violation of this rule will be fined $50 per person in violation of the rule (i.e.- Three spectators and one player each with a beer on the grounds will carry a $200 dollar fine.). This rule will be strictly enforced, as we are playing at a grade school, and the consequences to the league for violation of this rule can be severe.

In the case of rules not mentioned in the above “6v6 League Rules”, please consult league officials.

Fall 2023

 August 21st
6:00 Green Los Bobos 2 v Deportivo Ceibeno 3
7:00 Green FK Klošari 2 v Nola City 5
8:00 Green  Sol Glo 6 v Al Nassr 2
9:00 Green  Off White FC 3 v Penarol 8
10:00 Green  Dunderballs 9 v Leones De Juda 4
Bye Week: Marleyville FC



**Please Remember Smoking and Alcohol are not permitted anywhere on the school grounds


August 28th
6:10 Green  Dunderballs 5   v Nola City 2
7:05 Green  FK Klošari 3  v Off White FC 4
8:00 Green  Marleyville FC 0 v Al Nassr 6
9:00 Green  Deportivo Ceibeno  v PENAROL (Rescheduled)
10:00 Green  Leones De Juda  v Sol Glo (Rescheduled)
Bye Week: Los Bobos


September 4th
6:00 Green   Los Bobos 1 v NOLA CITY   5
7:00 Green   FK Klošari 3 v Penarol 5
8:00 Green  Al Nassr 4 v Dunderballs 4
9:00 Green  Off White FC 2 v Deportivo Ceibeno  1
10:00 Green  Marleyville FC 3 v Sol Glo 6
Bye Week:  Leones De Juda

September 6th
9:00pm Deportivo Ceibeno 4 v Penarol 3

September 7th
9:00pm Leones De Juda 5 v Sol Glo 0

September 11th
6:00 Green  Dunderballs  9   v FK Klošari 0
7:00 Green  SOL GLO 2  v PENAROL 3   
8:00 Green  NOLA CITY 3   v Al Nassr 5
9:00 Green  Los Bobos 4 v Off White FC 1
10:00 Green  Leones De Juda 6 v Marleyville FC 2
Bye Week:  Deportivo Ceibeno    


September 18th
6:00 Green  Penarol: 3 v Dunderballs : 7
7:00 Green  Nola City: 4 v Marleyville FC: 1
8:00 Green  Al Nassr: 3 v Off-White FC: 2
9:00 Green Sol Glo: 7 v Los Bobos: 3
10:00 Green  Leones De: 5  Juda v Deportivo Ceibeno1
Bye Week:  Ajax AFC

 September 21
9:00pm Ajax AFC 2 v Sol Glo 2


September 25th
6:00 Green  Off White FC v Dunderballs   
7:00 Green  King Wizards 4 v Nola City 11
8:00 Green Al Nassr  v Deportivo Ceibeno 
9:00 Green    Marleyville FC v Los Bobos
10:00 Green  Leones De Juda v PENAROL   
Bye Week:   Sol Glo

September 28th
9:00pm Ajax AFC v Dunderballs (Replacement of sept 11th game)

October 2nd
6:00 Green  Dunderballs    v Deportivo Ceibeno  
7:00 Green  Off White FC v Sol Glo
8:00 Green  Marleyville FC v Penarol   
9:00  Green  Los Bobos v Ajax AFC
10:00 Green  Leones De Juda v Nola City
Bye Week: Al Nassr 

October 9th
6:00 Green  Dunderballs     vs Marleyville FC
7:00 Green  PENAROL v Nola City
8:00 Green  Los Bobos v Al Nassr 
9:00 Green  Ajax AFC v Deportivo Ceibeno
10:00 Green  Leones De Juda v Off White FC
Bye Week:    SOL GLO



October 16th
6:00 Green  Dunderballs     v Los Bobos
7:00 Green  Nola City v Sol Glo
8:00 Green  Al Nassr  v PENAROL
9:00 Green    Marleyville FC v Deportivo Ceibeno
10:00 Green  Leones De Juda v Ajax AFC
Bye Week: Off White FC

October 23rd
6:00 Green Sol Glo v Al Nassr
7:00 Green  Off White FC  v Penarol
8:00 Green Ajax AFC  v Nola City
9:00 Green  Los Bobos v Deportivo Ceibeno  
10:00 Green Dunderballs     v Leones De Juda
Bye Week: Marleyville FC


October 30th
6:00 Green  Penarol v Los Bobos
7:00 Green  Off White FC vs  NOLA CITY   
8:00 Green Ajax AFC   v Marleyville FC
9:00 Green Deportivo Ceibeno v SOL GLO  
10:00 Green Al Nassr v Leones De Juda
Bye Week:   Dunderballs  

November 6th
6:00 Green  Sol Glo  v Dunderballs   
7:00 Green  Deportivo Ceibeno v Nola City
8:00 Green  Ajax AFC v Al Nassr
9:00 Green  Marleyville FC v Off White FC 
10:00 Green  Los Bobos v Leones De Juda  
Bye Week:    PENAROL  


November 13th  – Playoffs
6:00 Green  Friendly
7:00 Green  Qtr
8:00 Green  Qtr 
9:00 Green  Qtr
10:00 Wheatley   Qtr
Bye Week:   #11

November 20th
10:00 Green  Friendly #11 v
6:00 Green  Friendly
7:00 Green  Semis
8:00 Green  Semis
9:00 Green  Friendly

November 27th– New Season + Championship

New Season Begins November 27th
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